Esports Franchise Management


Stargaze Gaming will be hands-on from start to finish. Through a seven step process we develop team’s branding and marketing strategy, set programming and streaming schedule, facilitate sponsorships, create and manage digital footprint assets, recruit micro-influencers, and lead day-to-day operations and communication.



With over 25 years of industry experience in executive roles within new businesses, start-ups and the formation of new corporate divisions, the Stargaze team understands both the intricacies and nuances of business models, their unique value propositions, marketing strategies and aligning distribution channel that drive revenues, fueling innovation and compounded growth.


Enhanced with A/B testing, multi-linear regression analysis and conjoint data that accounts for the self-identified behaviors of various consumer groups, Stargaze can see past the messy marketplace and selectively identify the optimal positioning of your brand to thrive and capture consumer behaviors, minds, dollars and loyalty.

Brand Management

Establishing the foundation of your brands identity, visualization & messaging will be critical before advancing your business at sustainable scale.

Content Production

Content is King! Crafting & creating the library of assets that can be distributed to resonate with your existing and prospective consumers is the lifeline of any brand.

Digital Footprint Development

Strategically placing your brands assets across the online ecosystem will enable your brand to live, breathe and grow continuously.

Engagement & Events

Creating an intimate experience between your brand and your consumers, these executions create multiple layers of lasting value for your growing brand.

Finance & Monetization

Media Buying is more than just CPMs and targeted Ads, it is a strategic process of segmenting, targeting and placing engaging content that progresses prospective customers and partners further towards monetization

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